Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny – Indy in a New World

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny – Indy in a New World

When I think of Indiana Jones, I, like many, find it almost impossible to separate from the other blockbuster franchise of the early 1980s Star Wars. This is for a few clear reasons: Harrison Ford starring as a gruff male lead, nostalgic pastiches of cinematic history with a real film nerd behind the camera, and some truly excellent Lego games that adapt the stories to another medium. However, the stories have taken wildly diverging paths, with one becoming a mega franchise and the darling of one of the world’s hugest corporations, while the other hasn’t seen an entry for over a decade – until now.

Indy’s latest adventure, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, follows our hero into the late 1960s, and all the upheaval that came along with the period – in another shakeup, the film also isn’t a Spielberg movie this time. Instead, it’s from James Mangold, the somewhat fresher faced director behind classics like Girl, Interrupted and Walk the Line, as well as Logan, another movie that successfully returns to a grizzled hero in a changing world. Along with both the silver fox and de-aged forms of Ford, we have newcomers to the series like Phoebe Waller Bridge and Antonio Banderas who bring a certain modernity to the franchise. We also have Mads Mikkelsen as a ‘former’ Nazi and enemy of Indy – though the man seems lovely in real life, this is arguably the role he was born to play.

Indiana Jones may have lay stagnant for a long time – but it’s never too late to say hello to an old friend once more.

Indiana Jones & The Dial Of Destiny Is Showing From Friday 21st July

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