Analogue It!

Presented by Ginny Koppenhol in collaboration with 20 local artists
From Mon 30 August 2021 - Sat 30 October 2021

A few weeks into the first lockdown, local photographer Ginny Koppenhol began feeling ‘digitally overloaded’.

“Whilst many turned to technology to connect with people, I wanted to find a tonic to this increased digitalisation. I found a way to collaborate with artists who use 'hands on' or traditional methods of creating art such as painting, collage and printing, despite our physical distance.”

After browsing Ginny's photographs online, the artists received prints of images they were drawn to, using these to create new works of art. The result is an array of unique and stimulating pieces that provide a collective creative response to the pandemic.

The Antarctic Sound

By Ann Davidson

Mon 1 November 2021 - Sat 1 January 2022

Ann Davidson’s abstracted landscapes draw on the forms of Antarctica, her native Sutherland and other elemental and remote places. They are executed with collage methods she has devised.