Chinese Drama On The Menu

Chinese Drama On The Menu

We'll be hosting a powerful drama combined with tasty food and live music next month.

From Shore to Shore, which features three moving stories drawn from different generations of British Chinese communities, will be performed here on March 22 and 23.

A two course Chinese meal is included with the ticket as food and its relationship to love and survival are important themes in the play.

From Shore to Shore, which is recommended for anyone aged 9 plus, spans a century of Chinese history through stories of love and loss, struggle and survival. Cheung Wing is escaping from war, Mei Lan’s had enough of the potato peeler, and Yi Di wants the impossible: her parents’ approval.

Awardwinning writer Mary Cooper and multi-lingual collaborator MW Sun spent three years researching and recording stories with people in the Chinese communities to create the play.

English, Mandarin and Cantonese are used in a linguistic blend to make From Shore to Shore accessible to a wide range of audiences.

From Shore To Shore will also be performed on March 21 at Wong’s Kitchen at Lancaster University and More Music in The Hothouse on March 24.

Advance booking is essential for all three performances.