Hit Man - Linklater Leans into Laughs

Hit Man - Linklater Leans into Laughs

Written by Zoe Crombie

Richard Linklater is one of those rare film directors who can make you laugh as often as he can make you cry. On the one hand, you have the Before trilogy and Boyhood to tug at your heartstrings and make you reflect on life; on the other, you have School of Rock to achieve all of the above with some added chuckles. I’m always happy when Linklater decides to lean further into the funnier side of his filmography, and thankfully his latest does just that.

Hit Man is a pitch-black comedy that makes exceptional use of its premise: a New Orleans professor turned cop posing as a series of hitmen to bring down would-be clients falls for a woman looking to kill her husband. Linklater made one of the best casting choices of the year in Glen Powell, whose comedic chops are given full rein as he poses as a series of increasingly outlandish hitman with different looks and personas. His characteristic grin is the best weapon in his arsenal, and the quirky script from Linklater gives him opportunities to let loose that were lacking in other Powell vehicles like last year’s Anyone But You.

When Linklater flexes his comedic chops, he never misses, and Hit Man is no exception, bringing his usual warmth and quirkiness to one of the funniest movies of the year.

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