The Teachers' Lounge - A Teacher's Descent

The Teachers' Lounge - A Teacher's Descent

Written by Zoe Crombie

Some people find that their school days are the best of their life – I, and many others, can attest that this isn’t true for a sizeable swathe of the population. All the more disturbing is that many adults take on the Herculean task of returning to school settings to work as administrators, cleaners, and most frighteningly of all, teachers. As any teacher can tell you, it’s a profession riddled with long hours, stress, and a large helping of politics and drama that are unavoidable for even the most inspiring and well-intentioned instructors.

Capturing the dark sides of teaching in a film nominated for Best International Feature at this year’s Oscars is director İlker Çatak, who strikes a political nerve through his school-based German drama The Teacher’s Lounge. The film follows Carla Nowak, a 7th grade teacher who tries to see the best in her students but who quickly falls foul of prejudice and cynicism. It’s far from an easy watch as a thriller in sheep’s clothing, telling the sad tale of a microcosmic chain reaction that mirrors many others in the world beyond the school halls.

Anchored by a fantastic performance from lead actress Leonie Benesch as Carla, The Taecher’s Lounge may ring a little too true for many viewers, and still stands as one of the tensest watches in recent memory.

The Teachers' Lounge runs from 21st - 23rd May

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