The Taste of Things - The Joy of Cooking

The Taste of Things - The Joy of Cooking

Even without 3D glasses or being shaken around in your seat while jets spray water at you during an action movie, cinema excels in being a medium that can appeal to all of your senses. Though it’s technically only audio-visual, there are plenty of films that manage to stimulate smell and touch – just think of an especially gross sequence from a comedy like Austin Powers, or a scene from a languishing erotic thriller like Black Swan. And while taste logically seems like it would be most difficult to inspire, it’s easy for most audience members to think of at least one really good-looking meal from a film they adore.

The Taste of Things takes this idea to the extreme, combining dreamy historical romance with meticulous scenes of cooking and eating to indulge audiences in the joy of food. Directed by Tran Anh Hung, the filmmaker behind romantic dramas like Eternity and an adaptation of Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood, the film follows a chef and restaurant owner in a passion that has been shared through love and food for over twenty years. Juliette Binoche is charming as the head chef Eugenie, and the painstaking detail of the real star of the show – all the incredible meals – is beautifully captured by cinematographer Jonathan Ricquebourg.

If you enjoyed the gastronomic horror comedy offerings of 2022’s The Menu or find yourself keeping up with the endless barrage of shows like MasterChef, you’ll certainly find your hunger satisfied with The Taste of Things.

The Taste of Things is on Wednesday 14th February

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