The Iron Claw - A Tragic Sucker Punch

The Iron Claw - A Tragic Sucker Punch

Written by Zoe Crombie

We’ve seen some strange, larger than life films come out over the past few months, from the brain transplants and bodily experimentations of Oscars darling Poor Things to the fantastically plastic and surprisingly existential Barbie. But It’s often said that real life is stranger than fiction, and if there’s a recent release that proves this, it’s surely The Iron Claw.

From Canadian director Sean Durkin, this film follows the tragedies that seem to endlessly strike the Von Erichs, a family of professional wrestlers, putting to screen the hardship that this real world family suffered through in a gut wrenching true story. With an ensemble cast centring a borderline unrecognisable Zac Efron as Kevin Von Erich in a career defining performance, flanked by The Bear’s Jeremy Allen White as another of the six sons and Lily James as Kevin’s girlfriend Pam, it’s a wonderful showcase for this often-underappreciated actor.

Despite a surprising lack of Oscars recognition, this film is a real hard hitter, whether you’ve never heard of the family or you know the Von Erich curse inside and out. The Iron Claw is a bizarre, heartbreaking tale that combines the elaborate performance of professional wrestling with the raw poignance of domestic drama, telling one of the strangest and saddest stories put to film in recent years.

The Iron Claw runs from 19th - 20th March

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