The Dukes Love Letter In The Sand

Old romantics are in for a treat this autumn when we present a re-telling of Shakespeare’s greatest love story set at the Lancashire seaside.

A Tender Thing imagines what would have happened to Romeo and Juliet had they lived beyond their youth, focusing on the end of a married life spent loving, bickering and laughing.

The sun has risen and set over their many happy years together, against the backdrop of Morecambe Bay.

Their love, still strong, is now tested by the physical and emotional demands of caring for each other in their darkest days. Juliet faces death and Romeo must face the possibility of life without her.

A Tender Thing, which runs from October 1-17, is directed by Louie Ingham who’s been inspired by her memories of her own late grandparents lifelong love and their annual holidays in Morecambe and Heysham.

Like many couples and young families in the Fifties and Sixties, Louie’s grandparents travelled from Yorkshire to spend precious leisure time caravanning by Morecambe Bay.

“As a director – and a doting grandchild – my grandparents experiences and the connections between A Tender Thing make my heart race and my eyes well up,” said Louie.

“I want to produce a version of Romeo and Juliet which is a homage to lifelong love and something which my grandparents – who never thought Shakespeare was for them – would have come to see.”

This new production of A Tender Thing will be performed in The Round and is set in the present day with Lancaster-based actor Ian Blower and Jenny Lee in the title roles.

It also features flashbacks to their youth in the Fifties and Sixties when their young selves will be played by Lucas Button and Ruby Henderson both successful graduates of The Dukes Young Actors who Louie has directed for several years.

“I was interested in producing this play as a four hander – bringing together two professional actors with years of experience and two emerging performers just beginning their careers,” said Louie.