The Color Purple - A Fresh Take on a Timeless Story

The Color Purple - A Fresh Take on a Timeless Story

Turning an existing story into a musical is a high risk, high reward move – at best, you can score a fresh, exciting take on an old classic like The Producers, and at worst you may end up with the least watched episode of a beloved TV show. Lately it seems that studios have been taking this risk increasingly, with releases like Mean Girls and Wonka presenting newly broadway-ified versions of beloved films with a decently high degree of critical and financial success.


In this regard, The Color Purple may be the best of them, based on a musical version of Alice Walker’s original novel that was made a household name by Steven Spielberg back in 1985. Tracking the trials and tribulations of Celie Harris, an abused Black girl from turn of the century Georgia separated from her beloved sister Nettie, this is a heart-breaking story of resilience retold through soaring musical numbers and aching cinematic melodrama. Director Blitz Bazawule’s take on the material is just as star studded as the 80s blockbuster, with actresses like Taraji P. Henson, Danielle Brooks, and Halle Bailey leading an impressive ensemble cast.


Building upon each version that came before it, The Color Purple combines modern filmmaking with classic storytelling in a film that has more than earned its awards recognition. As a proud story of defiance and self-discovery, Bazawule’s fresh take on old material is certainly worthy of carrying the torch.

The Color Purple is on from 16th - 21st February

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