On The Waterfront - Brando's Best

On The Waterfront - Brando's Best

Written by Zoe Crombie

There’s a reason that, despite his career dwindling for decades after his prime, Marlon Brando is still remembered as one of, if not the, greatest screen actors of all time. One of the first to bring Stella Adler’s method acting technique to cinemas, now widely known as bringing forth most memorable dramatic screen performances, Brando wasn’t just an impressive performer; he was a pioneer who fundamentally changed Hollywood. From a role defining performance as Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar named Desire to the iconic images of Brando brought forth from The Wild One, he’s an enduring face of 1950s art, and of American culture in general.

Nowhere is his dedication to his craft more evident than in Elia Kazan’s On the Waterfront, Brando’s sixth feature film and perhaps his most iconic role alongside The Godfather (at which point, let’s be honest, he’s essentially morphed into an entirely different actor). Following a former prize fighter at the mercy of the local mob, the themes of corruption, expression, and the abuse of the working classes are perfectly conveyed by Brando, who, at times with just a few simple gestures, creates a character who feels truly flesh and blood.

There are plenty of films from the classic Hollywood era with genre defining performances, but It’s hard to think of one that tops Brando at his peak – if you’re a fan of the film or wanting to give yourself a thorough film education, you won’t want to miss this screening.

On The Waterfront will be running from 28th - 30th April

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