All Of Us Strangers - Captivating Chemistry

All Of Us Strangers - Captivating Chemistry

While it’s easy – and much more logical – to evaluate the quality of a film on technical merit, from the ability of the cinematography or editing to create meaning to the depth or effectiveness of the story, there are more ephemeral elements to filmmaking that are hard to judge objectively. One of these key ingredients is chemistry, particularly in a romance movie; there’s a reason that A Star Is Born and Pride and Prejudice both work where Fifty Shades of Gray doesn’t, and it isn’t all down to direction.


Thankfully, this year we have a film featuring some of the best chemistry between two actors in recent memory: All of Us Strangers, the latest movie by Lean on Pete director Andrew Haigh based on a 1987 book by Taichi Yamada. A heart wrenching story of love and loss, the film stars Andrew Scott as a lonely screenwriter and Paul Mescal as his serendipitous neighbour. The romance that unfolds between the two is equal parts crushing and life affirming, and these depths of meaning and emotion are only accessible through the lightning in a bottle chemistry between two of the best actors of their generation.


All of Us Strangers has garnered numerous nominations at awards ceremonies for the individual performances of Scott and Mescal, but it’s together that they truly shine. A romance for the ages defined by the brilliance of the pair at its centre, this will be making new audiences weep for years to come.

All Of Us Strangers is on from 9th -15th Feb

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