A Word From A Work Placement Student

My name is Matthew Aitchison and I have just spent roughly 10 weeks working as part of the Marketing department here at The Dukes.

I hope this post will give an insight into what the theatre can offer young people like myself, whether they are already involved with the arts or not.

As I begin my final year of study at Lancaster University, the world of work is moving closer every day. It’s easy to become overwhelmed if you do not plan ahead for the future and potential careers are a hot topic for everyone at this stage.

A fantastic degree on its own no longer feels sufficient as employers increasingly look to work experience to separate candidates. During my search, I saw the university were advertising experience in conjunction with The Dukes.

I am happy to say that applying was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Working with everyone at this theatre has granted me more skills than I could have hoped for. I have improved my writing for social media, created press releases, spoken with customers and learnt a variety of IT tools.

Eventually the day will come where I find myself fidgeting with my tie, waiting patiently to be called into a job interview. While there is still work to be done before that, I know my time at The Dukes will be one of the first things I start talking about.

In addition to invaluable experience, the placement taught me is what it’s like to work within the arts.

As an English Language student, theatre was not something I knew much about. However, working at The Dukes changed that.

I was shown the huge range of people and talents that operate here. I experienced the passion and relentless hard work that goes into every production, and how everyone is important. Whether you construct a costume, write a press release or deliver the final line of a park show – everyone matters.

If you are a young person thinking of getting involved with The Dukes, I would strongly recommend putting yourself out there.

I finished my placement with more skills and confidence than ever before. It’s a fantastic place with fantastic people, to whom I will always be grateful.