'A Time to Dream' - Performed by Loyne Specialist School

'A Time to Dream' - Performed by Loyne Specialist School

Last Wednesday the FE and Secondary Departments of The Loyne Specialist School performed their show 'A Time to Dream' on our stage! This was a multi-media performance devised and performed by the students working alongside a freelance practitioner and The Dukes Creative Communities Department. With a creative process that started in September 2023, this was culmination of all their hard work as they shared some of their favourite stories, hopes and dreams. 

“Working with the students and staff of the Loyne School to devise ‘A Time to Dream’ has been an absolute joy. The courage, creativity and resilience of all involved is truly inspirational. We are proud of what we have created and couldn't wait to share it with an audience”. – Emma Rucastle (Freelance Theatre Practitioner)

The show was a progression of the work previously done with the school taking that relationship to new heights as 50 students and 34 support staff came together to perform the show and with a packed audience filled with nothing but support, ‘A Time to Dream’ was a huge success and achievement.

“It has been a true pleasure to do my part in organising this event alongside the rest of our in-house team and the dedicated staff at the Loyne Specialist School. It was an emotional and magical moment to see their students performing on our main stage and I’m proud that it is another way our building can throw the doors wide open, making sure that The Dukes is a place where anyone and everyone can have their dreams become a reality”. – James Shields (Creative Communities Coordinator, The Dukes)

The show in The Rake was then followed by an equally spectacular performance in the school for their peers, families and friends who may have missed the show at The Dukes or wanted to see it again!

“Our performance of ‘A Time to Dream' is the result of a creative partnership between the Loyne Specialist School and Dukes Theatre. This devised theatrical piece captures the ethos of our school and the voices of young people with learning difficulties. It showcases their journey, via the arts, to develop key communication skills to share with their friends, families and local community their personal dreams and aspirations."  - Emma Flyne (Assistant Headteacher, Loyne Specialist School)

Looked ahead The Dukes are proud to continue our work with the Loyne Specialist school and look forward to what that creative partnership may bring in 2025. 

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