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Alice Rohrwacher's follow up to Happy as Lazzaro (2018), is full of life and wonder as it explores modern and ancient Italy.

After being released from prison, Arthur returns home to be welcomed back to his gang of tombaroil, graverobbers who traffic the ancient artefacts they steal from the dead. Arthur has the ability to divine where lucrative graves are location, but he, his band and his extended family are all in search of something more, something that's maybe out of reach.

La Chimera is many things, part caper, part love story, part metaphor for modern Italy and so much more. Alice Rohrwacher once again returns to characters on the margins, unearthing intertwining stories of the ancient and the modern. It's a film bursting with energy, life; poignant, anarchic and magical.


Alice Rohrwacher


Josh O'Connor, Isabella Rossellini, Alba Rohrwacher

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