Ladies That Dig - Feedback

In 2018 The Dukes, along with theatre by the Lake and Brewery Arts, put out a brief, 'Route 555', calling for creatives to come up with ideas for a piece of a new drama about the famous 555 bus route from Lancaster to Keswick. As a result, Ladies  Bus, a comedy-drama with original music, was born and thanks to funding from ACE and the continued support of these theatres, the play was created from the real-life stories of Bus users and was a sell-out tour in 2019. Now the Ladies are back to creating their next play, Ladies That Dig.

A period of research and development recently culminated in a work in progress showing at The Dukes followed by valuable audience feedback. As part of the further development of the play, we would love you to watch, for free, the work in progress video and then answer the following 3 questions.

1. How would you describe the piece to your friends? 

2. Which characters stood out for you?

3. How would you describe what linked the characters, other than digging? 

4. Any other comments? 

We'd love you to send your responses and/or any digging stories be they gardening, archaeology, grave digging, detectoring or anything else so please click the link below to leave your comments.