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The Drifters

The Drifters (15)

A vibrant, sun-drenched romance about identity, The Drifters follows an African migrant and a French waitress who meet at language school in London and flee to the west coast in search of their place in the world. But trouble from the city is hot on their trail...

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Available March 12 - May 23

An Impossible Project

​An Impossible Project (12a)

Shot on 35mm, this fascinating documentary tells the story of eccentric Austrian scientist Florian Kaps who embraced analogue and saved the world’s last polaroid factory – just as the first iPhone was introduced.

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Available March 1 - March 28


Asunder (15)

Eye-opening archive footage tells the story of Sunderland in WWI, with the town on the domestic front line. Using archive and contemporary footage and audio, and narrated by Kate Adie, it’s a collage of Tyneside and Wearside stories. 

Available March 01 - April 30

Cat in the Wall

Cat in the Wall (15)

A Bulgarian family living in Peckham develop a conflict with their neighbours over an abandoned cat, in this lively, funny and realistic examination of race and class issues in post-Brexit London.

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Available March 01 - March 31

The Humorist

The Humorist (15)

A Soviet-era stand-up comedian who feels tormented by oppression, censorship and his own insecurities snaps and leaves his tired old routine behind for some riskier material. 

Available March 12 - April 25

A Coach's Daughter

A Coach's Daughter (15)

A father spends a hot summer taking his daughter to tennis tournaments across Poland, pushing her to achieve more as a rising tennis star. Wiktoria loves her father, but his strict routines and the arrival of a fellow trainee tempt her to rebel.  

Available March 19 - April 18


Selfie (15)

Like a whole series of Black Mirror in one film, these five darkly humorous, interlinking stories explore our increasing dependence upon digital media. 

Available March 26 - May 23

Veins of the World

Veins of the World (12a)

A young Mongolian boy turns grief into a source of power after the death of his father, in this David vs Goliath story about battle of tradition vs modernity set against the breath-taking backdrop of the Mongolorian steppe. Directed by Byambasuren Davaa (The Story of the Weeping Camel).

Available April 13 - May 23


Sofia (15)

A gripping drama about a young woman living with her parents in Casablanca who illegally gives birth out of wedlock, leaving her 24 hours to provide the papers of the father to the hospital before they alert the authorities.

Available April 13 - May 23