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and the birds

​And the Birds Rained Down (15)

The critically-acclaimed adaptation of Jocelyne Saucier's novel follows a group of three elderly men whose quiet and orderly lives of hermitage in the woods are disrupted by wildfires threatening the region and the sudden arrival of two women.

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Available Jan 01 – Feb 28


​Supernova (15)

Following a hit & run accident, a quiet country lane on a sunny day becomes the stage for a searing, edge-of-your seat drama. Unfolding in real time and set entirely in one location, a wandering, enquiring camera watches as bystanders, police, relatives, emergency services and, eventually, the driver of the car arrive on the scene – with the lives of three men irrevocably changed.

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Available Jan 01 – Jan 31


​Rounds (15)

As Bulgaria prepares to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, three police patrol cars roam the streets of Sofia. Apparently unaware of each other, the patrols overlap and intersect, as incidents pile on, creating a ‘state of the nation’ snapshot that’s shot through with droll humour. 

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Available Jan 01 – Feb 28

mister universo

Mister Universo (15)

Young, disenchanted lion-tamer Tairo is on a quest with his contortionist friend (and quiet admirer) Wendy to recover his missing lucky talisman – a horseshoe given to him as a child by ‘Mister Universio’. Shot on Super 16mm, this hybrid of fact and fiction, in which real life circus performers play a version of themselves, it’s a feel-good story full of colour, charm and Italy’s circus culture. 

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Available Jan 08 – Feb 07

noah land

Noah Land (15)

A quick-tempered man going through a midlife crisis has to face angry villagers in order to realise his estranged and terminally ill father’s dying wish to be buried under the sacred Noah Tree he swears he planted.

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Available 15 Jan – 14 Feb

god of the piano

​God of the Piano (15)

The daughter of a celebrated composer driven by artistic obsession and haunted by a guilty secret, goes to extraordinary lengths to make sure that her child has the musical career that she never had in this compelling psychological thriller.

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Available Jan 22 – Feb 21

winter files

Winter Flies (15)

Imbued with the same kind of quirky charm as Hunt for the Wilderpeople and The Peanut Butter Falcon, Winter Flies is a charming buddy movie which follows two mismatched adolescent boys on a road trip in a stolen car. It’s a journey through a bleakly beautiful Czech landscape that’s full of misadventure and self-discovery – an entertaining and insightful coming-of-age story.

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Available Jan 29 – Feb 28