• Houdini's Greatest Escape

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  • New Old Friends in association with Yvonne Arnaud Theatre

Harry Houdini is the world’s greatest entertainer.
Just as his death-defying escapology stunts have him, and his wife Bess, on the cusp of a career-defining performance for King Edward, he finds himself framed for murder by a gang of criminals in cahoots with the chief of police.

Can Harry & Bess escape the plot and clear their names?

And how is their rival, The Superstar Spiritualist medium, involved?

All will be revealed in this hilarious 39 Steps-esque thriller, played out in New Old Friends’ (Crimes on Centre Court) inimitable, award-winning style of physical comedy, sparkling wit and just a touch of chaos.

Featuring a hard-working cast of four playing multiple roles on an almost harder-working set, this show will have you laughing and gasping throughout at the magic of theatre and the ‘real’ magic of illusions designed by TV’s Pete Firman (BBC One’s The Magicians).


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has the crowd in stitches

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Our Producer, Porl says...

Four multi-role-ing actors perform at breakneck speed on an almost harder-working set, in this tale of arguably the worlds greatest entertainer finding himself framed for murder by a gang of criminals in league with the chief of police, just as he and his wife Bess are on the cusp of a career defining performance for the king.

You’ll love “New Old Friends” the company behind this show if you’ve enjoyed slapstick physical comedy performances at The Dukes by Le Navet Bete most recently here with Three Muskateers & Treasure Island, or if you love other established touring theatre companies in similar genres such as Spymonkey, Told by an idiot, Kill The Beast, The Plays That Go Wrong series. It’s a rollicking, hilarious 39 Steps-style thriller, laced with sparkling wit and just the right amount of chaos.

Come along not only to laugh at the action but to gasp at the true magic of theatre as the show contains ‘real’ magic illusions designed by Pete Firman (from TVs Good Omens, and  The Magicians).

Can Harry & Bess escape the plot and clear their names? You’ll have to come along and find out….

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