• Robin Hood Programme


Robin Hood is hot on the Sheriff’s heels and needs YOU to join his merry gang and help defeat the evil Sheriff.

Marian is the most successful sheep farmer in Bowland's forest, but while King Richard is away, the Sheriff of Nottingham ventures north to Lancaster. The Sherriff plans to seize the forest and build a gated community- all for himself! He plots to capture the Pendle Witches and exploit their sorcery to enchant Marian, forcing her hand in marriage to gain ownership of her thriving flock.

But has the Sheriff greatly underestimated the power and strength of Marian and her fearsome flock of fluffy sheep?!

Are you ready for battle? Are you ready to join Robin's gang and save the forest?   Then join us for a tale featuring swords, sorcery and song! Romance and robbery!  Archery and acrobatics! Derring-do and sheep pooh! Not to mention the infamous sea serpent of Morecambe! 

Cast & Crew

Althea Burey

Cast - Marian

Jacob Butler

Cast - Robin

Amy Drake

Cast - Tuck (and others)

Lucas Cheong Smith

Cast - Sheriff

Helen Longworth

Cast - Ellen-a-Dale (and others)

Andrew Pollard

Creative - Writer

Kirstie Davies

Creative - Director

Irene Jade

Creative - Designer

Ziad Jabero

Creative - Composer

Louise Manifold

Crew - Stage Manager

Zak Yates

Creative - Choreographer

Kate Harvey

Creative - Sound Designer and Engineer

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Behind the Scenes of Robin Hood

Activity Pack

If you're looking for an activity pack full of exclusive content and activities to enjoy before and after the show, you can download it here