About Good Creator

Good Creator is an online professional development platform for creative practitioners of all disciplines who want to open up new career opportunities, hone their approach and elevate their creation ambitions on their own terms, in their own time, at their own pace. It’s here to help artists and creatives discover how to maximise their own creativity and take control of their creative career in a way that works best for them.



Series 3 of The Good Creator Sessions is a 7-week programme of online keynote lectures exploring how to work at the intersection of creative arts. It will explore how to drive innovation in creative practice whilst maintaining our creative, mental and emotional integrity as artists and ensuring care for audiences. It will consider questions such as: 

  • What happens when we push ideas out of their comfort zone? 
  • How can we scale our imagination so that our ideas have impact outside of our usual delivery space and audience pool? 
  • What are the benefits of working at the intersection of different industries and/or in different environments and market spaces?
  • How do we protect our creative and intellectual integrity when working with partners in other industries and ensure care for our audiences?
  • How do we maintain our confidence and wellbeing in times of transition, change and growth?

The series will comprise a 7-week series of virtual keynote lectures jam-packed with insight, inspiration and expert guidance to help artists across the UK, and particularly young people and artists from Lancashire, and beyond begin to build a career in theatre arts and develop their thinking and practice. 

Each session will be rich with information and experience from professional theatre artists and creatives who will share their work, their process, alongside tips, tools and resources to help emerging theatre and arts practitioners energise their thinking and take actionable steps to developing their practice and building a sustainable creative career in the arts. 

Select the event below to learn more and secure your spot: 


#1 Adapting Stage to Screen with Inua Ellams
Thursday 13th April 2023
6pm – 7.30pm 

#2 Developing A Safer Way of Working- Part 1 with Alexandra Donnachie
Wednesday 19th April 2023
6pm – 7.30pm 

#3 Developing A Safer Way of Working- Part 2 with Alexandra Donnachie
Wednesday 26th April 2023
6pm – 7.30pm 

#4 Collaborating With Knowledge Experts: Adding Value, Authenticity and Integrity to Art & Performance with Beck Gadsby
Wednesday 3rd May 2023 
6pm – 7.30pm

#5 How to Scale Your Creative Work Through Partnerships with Liz Richardson
Wednesday 10th May 2023
6:30pm – 8pm 

**CANCELLED** #6 How To Make Work About Tricky Topics with Dr Julia Langley
Wednesday 17th May 2023
6.30pm – 8pm 

**NEW*** #6 Intimacy Direction for Solo Shows with Christina Fulcher
Wednesday 17th May 2023
6.30pm – 8pm 

#7 Immersive Technology & Theatre with Beck Gadsby of 5 years
Wednesday 24th May  
6pm – 7.30pm