These are unprecedented and uncertain times, and, as a registered charity, we cannot deny that this period has been and continues to be a challenge for us, but our team remains as active and passionate as ever about the arts.

We’re playing our part in keeping the cultural sector alive and inspiring by creating Digital Dukes – a virtual cultural space full of creative ideas, skills and opportunities for you to get involved in!

See more about what Dukes Digital can offer you below. 

Lights: A Love Song to the Arts

For Valentine's Day this year we got in touch with our friends in all the organisations that make up Lancaster Arts Partners to pay homage to the Arts with our very own love song.

Composed by Helen Longworth, and performed by Helen and Amy Rhiannon Worth (featuring a cameo from Amy Chandler), 'Lights' features video clips and images from projects before and during lockdown. The song recently made its radio debut on Nova FM in Newport.

We hope you enjoy this glimpse into all the wonderful organisations in our talented district.

Those featured are (in order of appearance): King Street Studios, imitating the dog, LUDUS Dance, Sarah Livingston at Halton Mill, Deco Publique, The Dukes, Lancaster Priory, Lancaster Grand, More Music, Promenade Concert Orchestra, Morecambe Artist Colony, Lancaster Jazz Festival and The Gregson Centre.   

Exhibition Preview

Simon Nixon | Urban Stories

This series of paintings in The Dukes Gallery and Bar invite the viewer to think about their relationship with the urban landscape.

From brutalist architecture to the utilitarian, these buildings and stairways translated onto canvas hopefully provoke new ideas and narratives about the urban landscape.

Visitors will be able to visit this new exhibition when re-open after the November lockdown, but in the meantime we hope you enjoy this preview of Urban Stories, from our very own Deputy Front of House Manager Simon.


Our wonderful team will be hosting a series of digital masterclasses over the coming weeks for you to enjoy online – and showcasing some of their own skills too!

Our team will be sharing creative sector knowledge, behind-the-scenes insights and their own artistic flair in videos that’ll cover a range of topics, including design, technical, promotion, marketing, music, dance and more.

Some will be particularly helpful to artists in the industry and others will be for all to enjoy, and they’ll all be free to access here on our website and on our social media.

If there are any additional masterclasses you’d like to see from us, let us know.

Creative Commissions

The Dukes have commissioned talented North West artists and theatre makers to create resources and activities that you can enjoy during lockdown, helping to spark creativity. Offering a chance to develop your skills and have fun, there will be activities for a range of different ages and abilities. 

Virtual Chat with The Dukes

The Dukes will also be offering one-to-one sessions, sharing their expertise in specialised areas. These sessions can be over email, Skype or a suitable digital alternative.

It can be a one-off session or a series of correspondences.

We’re happy to give you advice on funding bids, programming, fundraising, marketing and more. Send all enquires to Tom, our Administrator, using the link below and you’ll be matched to a member of our team who are best equipped to help you.

Email Tom at

Digital Dukes Creative Services

We will be offering various creative services to artists and small creative companies, in order to help them and the cultural sector get back on its feet when it’s time to reopen. These services will be provided free of charge and will be covered in Dukes staff time.

Creative services include: Small scale design, proof-reading, copywriting, press releases, review and help with business plans, review and help with funding bids, technical plans support, budgeting support, marketing plans and policy writing.

Send all enquires to Tom, our Administrator, using the link below and you’ll be matched to a member of our team who are best equipped to help you.

Email Tom at

Inside Out Exhibtion

If you find yourself with time on your hands, we encourage you to get creative!

When our doors swing open again, we’ll be hosting a free exhibition in our Gallery and Front of House with art created by YOU, for everyone to enjoy.

Help us fill our blank walls with colour and life with your inspiring interpretations of the things that bring you joy during these uncertain times.

All art forms are welcome from all ages and all professions!

We’d also love to see your work-in-progress in the coming weeks. Share your art’s development with us on our social media channels and we’ll share it with our followers.

Stepping Out Scratch Night

As well as the exhibition, we’ll also be holding a scratch night for local playwrights and artists to present work they have created during the social distancing period.

We’ll be welcoming short plays, short stories, spoken word, dance, physical theatre, music and performance art.

We’d love to see how your work progresses. Share it with us on our social media channels and we’ll share it with our followers.


If there are any additional things you’d like to ask about, or if you’d like some advice on a topic that isn’t covered above, please drop Tom a question and we’ll match you up with a suitable member of staff. Thank you.

Email Tom at