Beyond Thes Walls

Four shorts by Tennessee Williams  

Directed by Laurie Sansom and Ricardo Vilela

These four poetic shorts by Tennessee Williams explore the walls that separate us and how we imagine worlds beyond them, produced for the first time in the Northern voice.  

The Lady of Larkspur Lotion 

Mrs. Hardwick-Moore is a long-standing tenant in a cockroach-infested hostel. The landlady is demanding her missed rent payments when they are interrupted by The Writer, clutching a bottle of whisky and ready to set the world to rights.   

Talk to Me Like The Rain and Let Me Listen... 

A young couple piece are trapped in a crumbling relationship their city centre bedsit. As the rain batters the window, he tries to piece together his lost hours as she dreams of dissolving into a new life by the coast...  

Every Twenty Minutes 

A well-to-do couple drink hi-balls in their city centre pent-house, trapped in an endless cycle of bitter banter. Maybe this time things have gone too far.   

The Case of the Crushed Petunias 

Miss Dorothy Simple, owner of Simple Notions, an up-cycling store in Primanproper, has barricaded her shop (and heart) behind a double row of petunias. A young man arrives from out of town to suggest an escape route...  

 Available 29th October - 14th November 2021