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A big warm Christmas welcome from all of us here at The Dukes, 

Beauty & The Beast has been created by the talented team who brought you our highly acclaimed productions of Cinderella: A Fairytale and Sleeping Beauty, this brand-new production is a thoroughly festive adventure that all the family will love.

Bella and her mother live alone in the countryside, scrimping and saving to make ends meet. But, not far from their farm, in the forest, there is a terrible secret waiting to be uncovered that has made the land incredibly fertile and lush, even in the dead of winter. .

Kidnapped by the fearsome Beast, Bella discovers that he might not be the mean-spirited creature that she has been told about – and that the curse he is under can be broken.

Filled with magic, dancing and songs that you’ll love to sing along to, this is Beauty & The Beast done Dukes-style.

We hope you enjoy it!

Writer's Foreword

Adapting a well-known story for performance at Christmas is enormous fun, and it is to be taken very seriously. Everyone knows stories like Beauty and the Beast - if you veer too far from the core elements, people will let you know. Equally, nobody wants to hear exactly the same story told in exactly the same way. You can get that at home. So people’s investment in the story is to be taken seriously, but finding your own way through it should be fun.

In this version, we decided to have the story told by a team of gardeners. The themes of buried truths, hidden beauty, and new growth seemed a perfect fit. And once that was decided as the vehicle for telling the story, it opened up an awful lot of fun. All I can say is that if your kids don’t like jokes about poo, they’ll be put off this show from the very beginning. But we’re yet to meet the kid of whom that’s true.

In the Dukes bar recently someone told me he had no intention of seeing this show because “it’s for kids”. But we call it a “family show” deliberately: it’s not just for kids, it’s for everyone. This doesn’t mean having some jokes the kids get and some the adults get, and a bit of smut for the dads. It means having, as near as possible, everything work for everyone. Everyone understands the feeling of being separated from those you love. Everyone wants to be brave and stand up for what’s right. Everyone enjoys watching a man pretend to be a dog.

Beauty and the Beast presents particular challenges. It’s got a brilliant, terrifying baddie, and by the end the heroine has to fall in love with him. How to resolve this situation is a challenge familiar to the writers of every romantic comedy since Pride and Prejudice – but they don’t all have to do it in terms clear to five-year-olds and emotionally complex enough for grown-ups. Then you realise that, at Christmas, grown-ups laugh like five-year-olds, and five-year-olds are always more emotionally intuitive than we ever give them credit for.

I’ll never lose sight of the privilege of being given all these resources to tell a story I can enjoy with my friends, my parents, and my kids. That’s the kind of fun I take very seriously.

- Daniel Bye, Writer/Co-Director

Cast & Creatives

Ida Regan

Cast - Bella

Tarek Slater

Cast - Beast

Andrea Crewe

Cast - Mum

Lisa Howard

Cast - Gardener

Declan Wilson

Cast - Lionel

Daniel Bye

Creative - Writer & Co-Director

Sarah Punshon

Creative - Director

Ziad Jabero

Creative - Composer

Katie Scott

Creative - Designer

Zak Yates

Creative - Choreographer

Louise Manifold

Creative - Stage Manager

Emily Bull

Crew - Deputy Stage Manager

Georgia Leech

Crew - Assistant Stage Manager

Interview With Daniel Bye

Rehearsals & Behind The Scenes

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