Welcome to The Dukes Cinema's 25th Anniversary Refugee Week Film Festival

Join us this June as we observe the 25th anniversary of Refugee Week. The Dukes Cinema is proud to present a specially curated programme of films celebrating the resilience, creativity, and diverse stories of refugees.

Touching Narratives

Our film selection shines a light on the experiences of refugees both past and present. Discover their unique journeys in:

This thought-provoking film brings you an intimate narrative of resilience.

A film that provides a moving exploration of the refugee experience.

A poignant tale with a special link to the Lancaster area, providing insight into the Kindertransport movement.

Family-friendly Films: A Universal Experience

We've chosen a range of non-verbal family films that everyone can enjoy, regardless of language or age:

A lovely compilation of shorts perfect for our youngest viewers.

Join Shaun's entertaining adventure, a fun experience for all.

 A collection of engaging short films for viewers of all ages.

More laughter and fun await in this delightful sequel.

The Refugee Week Film Festival 2023 is supported by Lancashire County Council and Film Hub North.

Cover Photo by Eric Masur